How To Put 33 Touch Marketing On Autopilot

33 touch marketing

I recently read an excellent book by Gary Keller called The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

Gary is a big advocate of 33 touch marketing. ​

The idea is your contact database needs to hear from you at least 33 times a year.

Although I'm not a Realtor, this plan could be instituted for any type of business.

I'm not going to show you 33 touches. I'm going to show you a simple plan to affordably put over 50 touches in place!

It's all about efficiency. Do things that can be scaled. Outsource, delegate or use software tools when you can.​

Here's the plan:

  1. Create a weekly newsletter using an email marketing provider like ActiveCampaign or Constant Contact. Don't use your company's email marketing tool. Promote YOUR business with YOUR personality, not the company. By the way, this makes it a lot easier to change companies and maintain your database.

    ​This newsletter can be super simple. It can be as simple as a blurb and a link to a useful article with a link to your listings at the bottom of the page.

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  2. Send out a yearly holiday card campaign in under 30 minutes using SendOutCards.
  3. Send out birthday cards on autopilot using a set it and forget it campaign. This can easily be done as a physical card in SendOutCards or an email card with ActiveCampaign or Constant Contact.

    Use the gift functionality in SendOutCards to easily send a gift, like a book or food, to the best referral sources.
  4. Read the newspaper, set up a Google Alert or follow LinkedIn notices and send congratulatory cards through SendOutCards when you read good news about someone in your database.
  5. Have 3 to 5 follow up calls with your database per day.
  6. Network at least once a week at a networking event.
  7. Take at least one referral source out to lunch per week.

This is not a 33 touch plan. It's actually well over 50 touches!

Will you implement it?

You may be thinking that an email a week is too much. In my 10 years of experience with email marketing, I've found that it's all about value. Sadly, most Realtor newsletters are lame and boring, and don't provide much value.

You need to be uniquely you! If you sign up for my consulting package, we can discuss the best way to achieve that.

If your open rate is low or a lot of people are opting out, it's not because they don't like email. They don't like YOUR email.

Find things that people would want to read. Home maintenance tips, valuations, ​local events. Make it interesting to them.

​You need to outsource the things you can't do or don't have time to do.

You don't need to spend a lot of time setting up the email newsletters. It's not a good use of your time. Outsource it!

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