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Active Campaign Product Tour

Are you curious about if Active Campaign is right for you? In this post, I’m going to give you an overview of how to get started with Active Campaign.

Active Campaign is one of many email service providers on the market today. But, as you will soon see, they provide a great value at an extremely affordable price. The Active Campaign Lite package starts at only $9 a month which is a lower price than most of their competitors for a product that actually has more features!

In fact, many of Active Campaign’s features are typically found in high-end tools like Infusionsoft, which costs over 10 times as much!


Like most email providers, Active Campaign lets you have unlimited lists so you can sort out your contacts in any manner that you wish.


Contact Uploading

Active Campaign allows you to upload your contacts from numerous sources including your own excel spreadsheets. They will ask you a few questions the first time you upload just to make sure that you are using a legitimate source for your list. These questions are a good thing as it scares away the spammers and keeps the service clean.




Active Campaign comes with an extensive contact manager on all plans. However, with the Small Business plan, you also get a CRM and can create deals.

You can log in and see your contact details, along with their phone number, notes and the history of what kind of interaction the contact has with your list.


Active Campaign also allows you to tag your contacts. A tag is bascially a “list within a list”. With a tag, you can drill down your contacts further so you can make sure that only relevant people are getting your messages.

Additionally, Active Campaign will attempt to show you the location of each contact. They do this by tracking where the emails are being read from. Every time a link is clicked or your website is visited, this record is updated. You can also see this in the contacts area of Active Campaign.



Active Campaign has very extensive reporting tools including all of your contacts interactions with all your emails, who is most engaged, where they are and more.

However, my favorite reporting feature is the time and day tool. Very useful!



Like most email service providers, Active Campaign comes with a form building tool, so you can easily build your email list.


Email Editor

Active Campaign comes with an easy to use email editor so you can create beautiful looking emails on all devices. It even has a testing tool.


Make a mistake? No problem! Active Campaign comes with step by step undo functionality. Go back 3 steps if you want!



Automations are what really sets Active Campaign apart from the competitors, especially at this price point. You can do lots of things with automations.

You can do: if-else automations, tagging automations, wait automations, texting automations, jump to other list automations, unsubscribe automations and on and on and on. The tasks that you can accomplish with these automations are only limited by your imagination.

You can even share automations with other Active Campaign users!

The automations are a super advanced feature that you typically only see in high-end products like Infusionsoft that cost a LOT more money.


This post just scratches the surface of what Active Campaign can do for your business.

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