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ActiveCampaign Automation: Remove From List if Inactive

In this post, I'm going to give you a free gift. This freebie is an automation that I created to delete someone from my email list if they haven't opened anything in the first 60 days.

Why is this important?​

As ​I've said in related posts, you need to keep your email list clean so that you can get the best deliverability of your message to your target customer.

I've found that the first 60 days are the most important. If they aren't opening anything within 60 days, they won't ever open anything that you send to them,

​There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this. 

One method is to have it simply delete the customer after 60 days.

However, I take a different approach. I first automatically add an "unconfirmed" tag to all new contacts.

Then, I send them all the messages as usual and wait 45 days.

At the end of the 45 days, they are sent to a second list called "unconfirmed".

At this point they get a "Do you want to unsubscribe" email and an email with my blog posts on it.

​If there's still no response after a few more weeks, then the subscriber is removed from all lists.

This set of actions consists of two automations:

One automation is called: confirm subscriptions.

The other is called: 45 day final warning email.​

Once you get these, you will need to create a second list called "unconfirmed" or change the name in the automation.

You will also need to change the content of the emails.

​You have made a great decision to get these automations. They will really help your business.

If you've never imported an automation into ActiveCampaign before, the process is quite easy.

The first step is to click on Automations on the top of the page and then the big green button that says new automation.

You will enter the first automation for confirm subscriptions. That id number is:$

Next, you will enter the id for the second automation, 45 Day Final Warning Email. That number is:


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