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Fact....according to the Direct Marketing Association, in study after study, email marketing delivers the highest ROI, approximately $40 for every $1 spent

But....are you doing it right?

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Client Testimonial

By working with Mr. Leads we were able to create 17 car loan applications from a single email campaign. This resulted in an excellent ROI for our credit union client."

Danielle Deramo
JSI | Just Say It!

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What Is Included In This Offer?

Anything related to creating an online newsletter including: newsletter design, graphics upload, testing, list updates and more. 

Constant Contact and ActiveCampaign Can Do More Than Just Email Marketing. Is That Included As Well?

Yes, but the package required depends on the tasks that you have in mind. Certainly any email broadcast, setting up your contact form, Facebook linkage, birthday cards, events, surveys and the donation tool are all included in the Basic package. More complex tasks like setting up automations and the CRM tool would require the Deluxe package. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about this.

Is There A Contract?

​We work on a month to month basis. However, if we are creating custom email marketing templates or are setting up a brand new account, we require a 2 month minimum commitment in lieu of charging a setup fee.

Are Your Newsletters Mobile Friendly?

Yes, we use the latest technologies so you can be assured that the newsletter will look great on both desktop and mobile.​

Can You Put An Opt In Form On Our Website or Facebook Page?

Yes, that's included as long as we are using the tools built into Constant Contact and ActiveCampaign. This package does not include the use of third party tools for growing an email list.​

We Don't Have An Email List. Can You Help?

If you have a way to get your customer list into an Excel file, that's a great way to start growing your email list. During your support time, we can give you tips to grow your list including: giveaway products and information, coupons and promotions, social ​media, in store displays and more.

Can You Create A Multi Part Automated Email Campaign For Us?

Yes, we can do that in the Deluxe package.

Can You Help Us Segment  and Tag The List So The Content Goes To The Right Person?

Yes! We will be happy to do that.

Can You Create A Custom Email Template For Us?​

We typically charge $498 to create a custom template but we will waive the fee as long as you stay with us a minimum of 2 months. 

Can We Change Our Subscription Level After We Sign Up?

Yes, just let us know and we can upgrade or downgrade your package accordingly.​

Can You Send Us The Report of Our Email Campaigns and Tell Us How We Did?

We will be happy to share that info with you and go over the report during your monthly coaching call

Can You Send Us A Test Email Newsletter So We Can Be Sure We Like The Campaign?

Yes! We test your newsletter on multiple desktop and mobile devices to make sure it looks great. ​We will send you a copy as well so you can be sure it accurately reflects your business image. Unlimited revisions are also included.

Can You Create Accounts For Us?

We will be happy to create new accounts for you as long as you commit to stay with us at least 2 months.

We Use A Different Email Service Provider. Can You Help Us?

In order to provide great prices and expert level service, we only work with Constant Contact and ActiveCampaign. If you're working with a different provider, we will be happy to help you move your account to Constant Contact or ActiveCampaign at no additional charge.

Is Strategy and Advice Included?​

When you sign up, we will schedule a 45 minute onboarding and coaching call where we will give you strategy tips to get started. After the first month, 30 minutes of coaching per month is included so everyone can be sure that we are working strategically. 

If you sign up for the Deluxe plan, you will have unlimited strategy and support assistance of not just email marketing but any form of marketing. Call or email us anytime with any question related to online marketing.​

We Don't Know What To Say In Our Email Newsletter. Can You Help?

Absolutely! We will provide ideas and a propose a content calendar that you can use for your newsletter. During your monthly coaching calls, we will help you decide what content is most effective for your business.

Is Content Included?

Yes and no. 

If you need help with crafting a great subject line or a sentence or two, that's included in all packages. If you want us to write a 200 word email message, that's not included. This is not a copywriting package.

However, we will help you determine the best email marketing content strategy for your business. and will be glad to share what we have found works best.

Some people like to write their own content and send us a Word file and that's fine.

Others want access to our content library of ​licensed private label content that has been prewritten. This is at no additional charge. We have over 225,000 articles available in a variety of niches. However, keep in mind that this content has already been published elsewhere. We will help you determine if this is a good fit for you.

If you need copywriting help, we will grant you access to our database of talented copywriters and content experts. We will take care of you.

Some clients prefer to write a draft of their content and just pay for editing. We can help you find qualified editors as well.

I Found Another Service That Offers A Monthly Article and Newsletter Packaged Together. Can You Do That For Us?

We can do one better. Those services force you to use THEIR article that may or not be a good fit for your needs. If you want to go that route, it's much better to have us help you determine what content works best for you and then give you free access to our database of 225,000 prewritten articles. Additionally, we don't limit the number of newsletters you can send per month, so in the long run, we will give you more newsletters that you can use to grow your business.

Can You Share Our Newsletter On Social Media For Us?

We can use the social sharing tools included in Constant Contact and ActiveCampaign and share it to your social media accounts at no additional charge. Use of third party social media tools are not included in this package.

Are Graphics Included?

Yes! We will use any graphics you provide. If needed, we can also resize and crop your graphics to fit in the newsletter template.

On the Basic plan, we will provide up to 10 stock images from our account at no charge. If you require additional photos, we require a fee of $2 per photo to cover the stock photo fees. Many of our clients get photos once and then reuse them on multiple newsletters. On the Deluxe plan, unlimited stock photos are included.

Why Can't We Just Do All This Ourselves?

​You probably could learn it if you wanted to, but do you have the discipline and technical know how to actually do it well? We have found that most small business owners don't, which is why they need us.

How many newsletters have you created? Do you understand the Can-Spam law in the US and all the other email marketing laws in foreign countries? Are you an expert? Have you taken the certification courses? Do you know how to properly test an email newsletter? How much is your time worth?

We save you time and leverage our expertise so you can make more money!

How Can You Provide Unlimited Newsletters At Such A Low Price?

Because we specialize in the platforms listed above, we invest in systems to make them work well. If we feel you are stretching the relationship, we will let you know.

Why Can't I Just Use A Virtual Assistant Or Staff Member To Handle This?

Most assistants, either virtual, or in person do a variety of tasks and never become email marketing experts. Because we specialize in Constant Contact and ActiveCampaign, we are very good at it!

Additionally, because of our email marketing expertise, we are able to provide consulting so you will be able to do it right and get massive results.

Can We Use This Service For Agency Work?

​Yes, but you need to get a separate subscription with us for each client that you are working with.

We have multiple locations. Do we need more subscriptions?

​It depends. If you are sharing the same content across multiple locations, then one subscription is typically fine. If you are using custom content for each location. then you would need multiple subscriptions. In these scenarios it's best to contact us before signing up so we can discuss your situation.

We Have Some Questions. Can We Talk To Someone First?

Absolutely! Reach out to us at 937-572-3713 or

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The best way to see if our service is a good fit for you is to try it out. Go ahead.... schedule a coaching call, send us your content, and see if we're a good fit. If you realize this isn't right for you within the first 15 days, simply reach out and get a full refund. 

Completed account set up requests and custom templates are nonrefundable. 

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Limited Consulting

  • Unlimited Tasks in Constant Contact or ActiveCampaign
  • Most Constant Contact and  ActiveCampaign Features Included
  • 45 Minute Onboarding and Coaching Call
  • 30 Minute Coaching Call After The First Month To Keep You On Track
  • Access To Our Database of 225,000 Prewritten Articles
  • 10 Free Photos From Our Stock Photo Library
  • Cropping and Editing Of Your Photos To Make It Fit The Newsletter Template
  • Custom Mobile Friendly Newsletter Template To Match Your Branding
  • Access To Our Team of Prescreened Writers and Editors
  • Assistance in Creating Your Email Marketing Content Calendar
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • DOES NOT include ongoing coaching and support after 30 minutes
  • Stock photos limted to 10 per month
  • DOES NOT include assistance with advanced ActiveCampaign features like automations and the CRM tool. 

$249 / month


Includes Unlimited Consulting

  • Unlimited Tasks in Constant Contact or ActiveCampaign
  • ALL Constant Contact and ActiveCampaign Features Included
  • 45 Minute Onboarding and Coaching Call
  • 30 Minute Coaching Call After The First Month To Keep You On Track
  • Access To Our Database of 225,000 Prewritten Articles
  • Access To Our Team Of Prescreened Writers and Editors.
  • Unlimited Stock Photos
  • Cropping and Editing Of Your Photos To Fit The Newsletter Template
  • Custom Newsletter Template To Match Your Branding
  • Assistance In Creating Your Email Marketing Content Calendar
  • Ongoing Assistance In Crafting Your Overall Online Marketing Strategy
  • Unlimited Coaching and Support Calls Via Email, Phone and Skype
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

$499 / month


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