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14 Easy Content Ideas For Your Email Newsletter

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Are you looking for content for your small business newsletter? When I talk to small business owners about their newsletter, having enough content is always one of the top concerns. Today, you will discover some ideas for finding great usable newsletter content.

1) Have A Contest
Everyone loves a good contest! Give something away of value and see your opens skyrocket. For best results, also post the contest on social media.

2) Product Announcements
What’s going on in your company or industry that you can announce or provide commentary on? It’s is a great thing to mention in your newsletter.

3) Testimonials
Who’s using your product or service that is super impressed? Share their testimonial, either in text format, or link to a You Tube video.

4) Interviews
Interview someone related to your industry and write about that in your newsletter. If it’s informative, it will definitely get read!

5) Staff Photos
Show photos of your staff and inside your company. It will personalize your business.

6) Personal Announcements
Sometimes, when appropriate, you can post personal stories or photos and like the tip above, it will personalize your business. Works best during the holiday season.

7) Links To Other Content
Be known as the person who links to good content. Many popular newsletters are simply a collection of links.

8) Exclusive Subscriber Deals
Everyone loves a good deal. Create a deal for your subscribers and they will love you for it!

9) Tell A Story
Tell a great story, either about yourself, or someone you know, such as a client or staff member. It can pay off handsomely.

10) Insider Tips
What do you know that your audience doesn’t? Share that knowledge and you will be seen as the expert. If you do it well, it’s also an excellent opportunity for upselling a service.

11) Private Label Rights Articles
Sites like Big Content Search and others sell content that you can republish in your newsletter. Usually these are sold in bundles. Since they sell the content multiple times, the pricing tends to be very reasonable. This is a great way to get newsletter content fast!

12) Ezine Articles
EzineArticles.com and similar sites have articles that you can reprint in your newsletter. These sites require that you post a link back to the author at the end of your content. So, be careful that the author is not a competitor. On the plus site, the articles tend to be well written and they are completely free to use.

13) Guest Post
Invite a client or complimentary business to write a guest post for your newsletter in exchange for a link to their website. You get content, they get publicity. A win-win. Bonus tip: The next month, reverse the process and you write an article for their newsletter.

14) Events
Have an event coming up, either live or online? Your newsletter is a great place to publicize it and get the word out.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to get content for your email newsletter. Now, go out there and do it!