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The one word you should eliminate immediately from your vocabulary


I want to tell you about a word that really bugs me….the word is CHEAP.

I see it all the time on Facebook and other places….”Hey who knows someone that can help me, cheaply with ___________”

If you are saying this, quit it now….it’s destroying your business!

Why, you ask?…..If you are cheap as a buyer, you will be cheap as a seller.

If you are having trouble raising your prices, look in the mirror. Are you using that word?

I’m not judging you. It took me a long time for me to understand this concept myself.

Now, I HATE that word.

The other day, a tree guy cold called me at my house.

He said, “We can get this tree down for you. Don’t worry. It will be cheap.”

I wanted to puke right there!


Another time, a competitor came to a networking event I was attending.

After the meeting, the host told me, “Don’t worry. I’ll send you the business because I know you are cheaper than he is.”

He thought he was complimenting me. I took it as an insult.

Ironically, I know how much the competitor charges. My prices are about 50% higher. LOL

Of course, I’ve been doing this internet marketing thing for over 17 years, at least twice as long as the other guy. So, it should be higher.

I asked the guy from the networking event why he said this. And he said it was based on how the guy was dressed and what kind of car he drove.

This internet is a funny business. Look at Zuckerberg. He built Facebook into a billion dollar business dressed in a Wal Mart hoodie. You don’t know anything based on how the marketer looks. You have to look at the results.

And I deliver them!

So, i ask you….are you being cheap?

Are you trying to DIY your business together piecemeal?

If you spend more than 30 seconds in a help forum to learn a skill outside of your core business, then you are.

And it’s a recipe for failure.

Professionals, at no matter what business they are in, study their craft day and night. You, as a hobbyist, will never catch up.

Spend your time and your investment dollar getting better at what YOU do!

And hire professionals for the rest.

You will be a lot happier and will make a lot more money.

Hire professionals, but please, for the love of God….DON’T BE CHEAP!

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