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How To Double Your Customers

This blog series is a summary of the Double Your Sales video series by Ryan Deiss. This post is a summary of video #4: Double Your Customers. You can watch the original video in its entirety for free by clicking here.

These posts go in order. I highly recommend that you read post #1, The Formula before continuing with this post.

Note: In the series, Ryan mentions Infusionsoft as the tool of choice to execute this plan. While Infusionsoft is a great product, this entire system also can be done in Active Campaign for a much lower price and easier setup process.

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Most business owners are like a stalker who wants to get married on the first date.

You need to schmooze them and create the relationship.

A tripwire offer is simply a sampling of your services, much like a first date is a sampling of a relationship.


A tripwire’s purpose is to convert prospects into buyers.

A tripwire is not the same as a coupon!


A tripwire allows you to create value in advance. You are creating customers by giving them an offer they can’t refuse!

Do an amazing job and then you upsell your other services. This can be done either in person or through an email campaign.

Back to the dating analogy, your upsell is like asking for the second date.

Example from Digital Marketer

The best tripwires are “splinter” offers. A splinter offer is simply taking a piece of the main offer and selling it for a lower price.

Digital Marketer splintered off one section of their main product into a $7 tripwire product. Potential customers can get an inside taste of what it’s all about. Once they understand it, they are much more likely to buy the full product.

The full funnel looks like this: The free offer AKA the lead magnet is a free resource list file. Then, they offered a small tripwire product (the splinter product) for $7. Finally, they offered the full Digital Marketer Lab product as an upsell for $40 a month.


Here are some examples of tripwire offers for service based businesses:

  • A web designer sells logos at a discount to get a customer
  • A dentist sells tooth whitening at cost to get new customers
  • A roofer offers gutter cleaning at cost and then upsells on the roofing inspection
  • A lawn care service offers to fertilize in the off season at cost to get new customers.



Create Little Victories

By creating little victories, you prove that your service works. There are many ways to do this.

For example, instead of a full remodel up front, a kitchen remodeler in Texas lets customers see how beautiful the kitchen will be. They send a professional designer, who will suggest all the options. They totally get everything spec’ed out. They charge a reasonable fee of just $280 for this service. It’s not about the $280. It’s about getting the customer to visualize ownership in the finished remodeling job and establish trust with the remodeling company.

Once the customer has paid for this and sees how beautiful their kitchen will be, they have a sense of ownership and are ready to move forward. This remodeler has a 60% close rate, which is much higher than their competitors.

It’s all about the stairstep


Move them through your marketing system, step by step by step. It’s much easier to get the customer to accept the big offer when the customer has already accepted the little offer.

The Goal

Remember the formula from the first lesson. By doubling your customers, you grow everything else exponentially.



Next Steps

  1. Review step 4 from this article
  2. Brainstorm 3 little victories that you can achieve for your clients

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