How Private Label Rights Can Give You an Endless Stream of Newsletter Content



Are you looking for new content for your email newsletters?

There are many places you can look to obtain new content. For example, you can write a blog post from scratch and link to it. You could also promote an event or a new product.

Another way to do it is simply curate a list of articles related to your industry and send them out as a newsletter (with proper credit of course).

Today, I want to outline a simple strategy that you can use for prewritten content: Private Label Rights (PLR) articles.

PLR articles are written by a professional writer and sold to multiple people in similar industries. Done right, this can be a win-win situation. The writer sells the article for a little less money per article, but since it’s sold multiple times, she makes more money overall.

With PLR, you get to credit yourself as the author of the content!

PLR content can take many forms. Some examples of PLR content are: short articles for a blog post, a report, a video or a Power Point presentation.

There are many resources out there for PLR content, and like anything else, some sources are good and some not so good. A simple Google search for “PLR content” will reveal dozens of sources of PLR sellers. My favotite resource for PLR content is Big Content Search, but there are many other sources out there.

Note: if you are planning on using PLR content as a blog post, be sure to rewrite it so Google doesn’t hit you with a duplicate content penalty. Still, you will save significant time since the PLR can provide the “seed” research for the article.

As a newsletter…..PLR is great! Drop it into Constant Contact (or whatever service you are using) and you are good to go.

Another great use of PLR is giveaway reports. If you are building a mailing list online, you should be giving away something to entice people to join your email list. A PLR report can be that giveaway item.

If you are not yet a Constant Contact customer, keep your eyes peeled for a special PLR bonus deal that I will be offering as a one day special on Monday November 23. You will love it!

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