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How To Double Your Leads

This blog series is a summary of the Double Your Sales video series by Ryan Deiss. This post is a summary of video #3: Double Your Leads. You can watch the original video in its entirety for free by clicking here.

These posts go in order. I highly recommend that you read post #1, The Formula before continuing with this post.

Note: In the series, Ryan mentions Infusionsoft as the tool of choice to execute this plan. While Infusionsoft is a great product, this entire system also can be done in Active Campaign for a much lower price and easier setup process.

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The best way to double your leads is by creating and optimizing your lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a small chunk of value that’s exchanged for contact info and permission to follow up.

An opt in form is NOT the same as a lead magnet.


If you want to get contact info, you need to give out something so valuable that they will be happy to give you the contact info.

Great lead magnets are specific!

A good lead magnet takes the prospect from the before state to the ideal after state. What do they want and how can you give it to them? See the previous lesson about perfect product positioning for more info about this.

How to find specificity

There are 4 types of specificity that you can use for your lead magnet: specific promise, specific example specific shortcut, and specific question.

Specific Promise

With a specific promise, you want to look at something small and simple that you can promise in tbe lead magnet.

Ryan used an example of organic gardening. He was originally giving away 6 gardening guides. He later pruned it down to one simple guide about how to feed a family of 4 on limited space without a yard. When he did this, he increased his leads tremendously.


Specific Example

A great type of example is a case study.

For example, Ryan mentions a case study that Digital Marketer did where they showed how to get 250 leads from Facebook without spending money on advertising. Again, specific example!

Specific Shortcut

Some great examples of shortcuts that you can use are handouts and lists.

Here’s an example of a Facebook ad swipe file that you can download.


Specific Question

If you can answer a specific question with your lead magnet, you can increase your leads tremendously. Ryan used an example from Rapid Filter. He noticed that the site was getting a lot of inquiries for wholesale pricing info. So, he created a Wholesale Price Guide. He increased from 6 leads a month to 6 leads a day.


Find out your prospect’s #1 question and use that to create the lead magnet.

The lead magnet doesn’t need to be long. It can be as few as just a few paragraphs as long as it answers the question that the lead magnet was addressing.

Find The Hook

If you had only two minutes to impress someone, what’s the one thing you could say, show or give them that would blow their mind? That’s your hook!

Remember the Formula

If you’re reading these posts in order, remember the formula from lesson #1.

Leads x Customers x Margin x Frequency = Growth Potential


All things being equal, if you follow the tips from this post, if you double your leads, you will double your growth potential.

Final Tip

It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, a blog post or something else. Try to keep the consumption time of the lead magnet to under 5 minutes. If it takes more than 5 minutes to consume, it’s not specific enough.

Next Steps

  1. Click here to read a related article about lead magnets
  2. Come up with 3 titles for lead magnets
  3. Figure out which software you are going to use for email marketing. I recommend that you use Active Campaign

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