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10 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Results

10 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Results

​Are you looking to improve your results from email marketing?

Here are 10 tips that will help you significantly.

Clean Your List

When you are sending out email newsletters on a regular basis, you will have a few bad addresses. People change jobs or change internet providers all the time. 

You need to get the bad email addresses off of your email list as soon as possible. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First of all, most email service providers will count the bad addresses toward your total list size, which could result in unnecessary charges.

Having bad addresses on your email list can also ruin your sender reputation which will mess up your deliverability to the rest of the list.

So, clean it!

clean it

Luckily, cleaning an email list is a simple process. You simply need to go into the reports in your email service provider and look for a bounce report. This will show which emails bounced and why they bounced.

There are two types of bounces: a soft bounce and a hard bounce. A soft bounce typically happens when the user is on vacation or when the email box is full.

Look for the hard bounces, which are typically due to the email address no longer being valid or the email service provider being blocked.

With most email service providers, you can delete all of the bad email addresses at once, but I typically will look at the email addresses first.

Since I have personally met many of the people on my email list, I can often find out the reason for the bad address. Many times, the email address was was typed in incorrectly or the subscriber changed jobs. If it's someone I know, I'll fix it instead of deleting it.

​Get Rid of Disengaged Contacts

Sometimes people are getting your emails, but never read them. Much like the reasons above, sometimes people just lose interest in getting your updates.

Luckily, since I'm using ActiveCampaign for my main list, removing the disengaged contacts is an easy process. I have an automation set up that will automatically remove the contact from my email list if the contact doesn't open any emails for 60 days.

If people aren't reading your email newsletters, it's costing you money, ruining your sender reputation and ruining the deliverability to the rest of your list.

Use Their Name


Dale Carnegie famously said that the sound people love to hear the most is the sound of their own name. 

The same thing applies in your email marketing!

Use the subscriber's name when you can.

You can do this in your subject line or inside the body of the email itself. It will significantly improve your results.

Test, Test, Test

​In order to have good results from your email marketing, you need to be consistently testing.

Two of the best things to test are your subject line and the time of day the message is being sent.

You want to make sure that the email is getting opened at just the right time and you are getting the results that you desire.

Luckily, many providers like Active Campaign and Constant Contact have tools built in where you can split your list and run this type of testing. It's well worth your time to take advantage of these tools. ​

Segment Your List

List segmenting
Image by Zapier.com

Segmenting a list means to send only appropriate messages to the parties most interested in receiving it. 

There are many reasons to segment a list. The most important reason is you will have a lot less people unsubscribe from your emails.

Think about it...why do you leave an email list?

Typically, it's because you are no longer interested in the topic.

So, with segmentation, you can send the message to just the right person who WANTS the message and not send it to people that DON'T want the message.

So, how do you accomplish this?

It's done with tagging and automation.

By looking at your newsletter reports, you can determine who is opening your messages and which ones they are opening.

With ActiveCampaign, you can create an automation to tag the contact based on their behavior. This is a great set it and forget it method to figure out who is interested in what topic.

Alternatevely, you could just ASK your subscribers which topics they want to know about and which ones they don't want to know about. Then, you can use this information to segment the list appropriately. 

Use A Mobile Friendly Template

Mobile Email

Mobile Email Example
Image by Constant Contact

According to a 2016 Litmus email analytics study, 55% of all email is now being read on a mobile device. This number has increased every year and will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

Can your subscribers read your emails with their mobile device?

Have you tested it?​

With my emails, I always send a test first to my computer and then send a ​test to my phone. I want to be absolutely certain that the email looks great on both devices.

Most email service providers have mobile friendly templates available. However, many email service providers have not converted ALL the templates yet. It's a good idea to ask your provider which templates are mobile friendly and only use those templates.​

One Clear Call to Action

Call To Action

Another huge mistake that people make is they create these long emails with multiple calls to action. The reader doesn't know what to do or where to go, so they don't take any action.

A confused mind doesn't make decisions.

Studies are showing that people are less likely to have the patience to slog through a long email. As people get more connected on social media, their patience has worn thin.

Keep your email campaigns short and to the point. ​Have one clear concise next step that your reader needs to take. This will dramatically improve your results.

Set Expectations and Be Consistent

​One of the best things you can do to keep your email list healthy is set the expectations up front. 

When you are building the list, on your landing pages give an expectation of how often the subscriber will hear from you.

Keep it consistent. Don't do a monthly newsletter one month, then switch it to a weekly newsletter the next month and then a daily one after that.

People will get confused and will unsubscribe!​

​Understand Personas

Example of a buyer persona

Whenever you are doing any sort of marketing, you need to have an understanding of your audience. Who are they? What are their hopes and their desires? 

The way to accomplish this is through personas. For more detailed info about personas and how to apply them to your marketing, check out my other post What is Inbound Marketing.​

Use A Domain Based Email Address

​When you are creating an email campaign, you need to be using the right type of return email address.

Many people don't put any thought into this and will use a free email address from Google or Yahoo as their return email.

This is a huge mistake!

If you use a free email as the from address, the likelihood of your email campaign going into the spam folder will increase significantly.

The solution is simple...buy a domain name and get a customized email address for your business. It's a low cost solution that will greatly improve your results.

See my related article with more details on this topic​


If you follow the steps above you will improve your email marketing results.

I guarantee it!

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