Important Marketing Lessons Learned From DotComSecrets


I recently read Russell Brunson’s book, DotComSecrets.

This is a 254 page book about online marketing concepts. It’s written in a plain english style that anybody can understand and apply.

If you haven’t heard of Russell Brunson, check out this video.

Normally the book is $19.95, and easily worth more. However, for a limited time, he is giving it away for free on his website. You just need to pay for the shipping.

Here are a few of the MANY marketing lessons in this book.

Success in an online campaign comes down to 4 variables: demographics, offer, landing page, traffic source, ad copy.

Do you understand and are you applying these variables in your campaign?

There are 23 blocks of a sales funnel. Do you know them?

The 23 building blocks are in 4 categories: pre-frame bridge, qualify subscribers, qualify buyers, and identify buyers in heat.

There are about 6 or 7 different things that you can do in each of these categories to get your buyer interested in purchasing your product or service. You need to understand these completely if you want to be successful online. Luckily, the book goes through all of these items.

Create and monetize your value ladder

A value ladder is the stairstep of purchases in your sales funnel. A good marketer has an initial purchase in the under $10 range, then another offer in the $100 range, and then another offer in the $1000 range, and so on.

Here’s a little more detail about the value ladder that Russell recently discussed on his podcast.

Remember this quote from Dan Kennedy. Russell has quoted it as has Ryan Deiss and several other of today’s top marketers.


The way you accomplish this is through your value ladder.


As you can see this is a very extensive book. And I just scratched the surface of what’s covered. Click here to order a copy before Russell comes to his senses and decides to start charging for this book.