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Perfect Product Positoning

This blog series is a summary of the Double Your Sales video series by Ryan Deiss. This post is a summary of video #2: Perfect Product Positioning. You can watch the original video in its entirety for free by clicking here.

These posts go in order. I highly recommend that you read post #1, The Formula before continuing with this post.

Note: In the series, Ryan mentions Infusionsoft as the tool of choice to execute this plan. While Infusionsoft is a great product, this entire system also can be done in Active Campaign for a much lower price and easier setup process.

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Figure out what your customer wants.

What is their end result that they are trying to achieve?

We get paid by moving the prospect from a “before” state to an “after” state.

The longer distance you can move the prospect, the more you can get paid.

Great marketing is all about describing and delivering the “after” state.

Describe the process in 4 ways:

  1. Have
  2. Feel
  3. Average Day
  4. Status

What does the prospect have in the before and after state?


Example from  a specialty baby tub niche: before they have a cold, hard tub. After, they have a warm squishy tub.

This applies to any business! Yes, even yours.

How do they feel before and how do they feel after?

Again from the baby tub example: before they feel scared and frustrated. After, they feel confident and in control.

How do you change the way your customer feels?

Take a moment and really think about this!

The average day is going to the narrative aspect. Learn to tell a story about your product or service.

Talk to your customers. How does their average day change by working with you?

Back to the baby tub example: before is “Bath time is terrible”. After is: “Bath Time Is a Breeze.”

The last one is status: How does your status change for your prospect after working with you?

In the before state: You feel unappreciated. In the after state: You are a super parent!


This works in any industry. So as another example look at dentists.

In the before state, the patient has crooked dirty teeth, in the after state, they have great looking teeth.

In the before state, they feel frustrated because they can’t chew right.

In the after state, they feel happy.

In their average day, they go from miserable frustrating days because of poor dental health, to happy days from good dental health.

Their status has changed as well. They are more confident and are moving up in the world.

Create A Statement of Value

Once you have the ideal after state in all four areas, you can create the statement of value.

This is not the same as a Unique Selling Proposition. Your customers don’t want to buy from you because your product different or better. They buy to achieve the after state.

In other words, sell the sizzle, not the steak!

Create your statement of value as:


Next Steps

  1. Download and complete the Statement of Value Sheet from the Marketing Vault
  2. Download and complete the Before and After Sheet from the Marketing Vault

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