A Reply To The Medium Article About OutboundEngine

A reply to the medium article about OutboundEngine

I recently read an article on Medium by Zee Ali who said "Don't outsource your email marketing."

In the article, Zee said that he had a bad experience with a VC funded startup called OutboundEngine.

Note: Zee spelled it as Outbound Engine (with a space) in the article, but it's the same company. ​

Perhaps you have heard of OutboundEngine or maybe you have tried their service.

Zee had some particularly harsh words to say about this company.

I'm typically not one to bash competitors, but in this particular case, his conclusion bashed an entire industry, so I felt compelled to respond and dispel some myths.


Terms of service per the OutboundEngine website

One of the big complaints that I've heard about OutboundEngine is they lock people into 12 month contracts. This is ridiculous. If the agent is not getting the results that they want, they should be able to leave at any time.

My alternative, Mr. Leads Concierge is different. There is a small 2 month agreement if you are new to email marketing in lieu of charging a setup fee, but that's it!

If I'm not delivering what you want, you shouldn't stay with me. I'm confident enough in what I do to be able to handle that. Can you say the same for your provider?

Hard Closing Telemarketers

Another complaint I've heard a lot about OutboundEngine is they use telemarketers very aggressively and are relentless with the endless promises.

A tweet about OutboundEngine's telemarketing practices.

​Again, it sounds like their greed is winning over the results they are delivering. I guess that have to pay back the VC money somehow.

​Personally, I don't feel that I need to hard close. If you want me, here I am, ready to deliver results for you.

Limited Uploading of Contacts

In the Medium article, Zee also mentioned that he is having problems sending his newsletter to all of his contacts. Apparently, OutboundEngine will only allow him to email all of them after a 60 day period. They are trickling out the emails to a portion of his list until they see if it's clean.

I've seen this with a few Email Service Providers. This is a case of OutboundEngine trying to prevent spam. Luckily, my email partners, Constant Contact and ActiveCampaign don't have this issue. Once you load it, you can send it.

This is a case of OutboundEngine not giving the client education about what type of email address is acceptable and what isn't.

I take a different approach. I ASK you how you got the contacts. I EDUCATE you on how to do this properly. I TRUST you and help you market effectively.

Can't Email Them If Someone Else Has Them​

frequency of emails

In the Medium article, the author complained about not being able to add contacts if there's already another OutboundEngine user with that contact in their database.

This is ridiculous. It's your contact. You should be able to contact them via email marketing.

This is a case of duplicate content. Because OutboundEngine sends the same content to everyone, they don't want the subscriber to get the same thing twice.

I saw the same thing happen in my local market with a different done for you email marketing service.

One of my local Coldwell Banker offices got their agents on to New Panda.

I know two agents from the same office and I ended up on two email lists.

I got email follow ups from BOTH agents with the SAME subject line and the SAME message within two minutes of each other.

They BOTH looked like idiots.​

One of the agents recently told me that their office is leaving New Panda.

Is it any surprise?​

This type of marketing doesn't help at all with your branding.

This doesn't help promote your unique gifts that you bring to the marketplace.

This doesn't show why the client should hire YOU and not the other person.

​My solution is much better.

Help YOU find ways that promote YOUR particular skillset.

Help YOU find content that promotes your business.

Help YOU determine what days are best to send, how to segment the list and what builds your business. ​

Does it take more work? Yes!

Does it get more results? Yes!

Locked Into Certain Content At Certain Time​

locked in

Another problem with almost all of the other "done for you newsletter" services (not just OutboundEngine) is they decide for you what day, what time and how often the email newsletter will be sent. They also tell you what content will be sent.

They make it sound like a convenience for you. 

In reality, it's treating all of their agents as the same when it's not the best choice.

Is emailing out the newsletter twice a month too often or not often enough?

How should the list be segmented? 

What if you have a special event?

An open house?

A certain property you really want to showcase?

A special mortgage deal?

A referral partner you want to promote?

Anything at all other than a real estate article (that may or may not even be relevant).

Well, you are out of luck!

How does this build your brand?

It doesn't!

My alternative is better. I help you figure out what the right content is for you and then create the newsletter for you in a professional manner to send out to the right prospect at the right time.

Don't you think that would get you better results? You bet it will!

Worse Customer Service Than Comcast​

The Medium article also states that OutboundEngine has "worse customer service than Comcast." Ouch!

My solution is simple and effective. My phone rings. I pick it up. I help you any way I can. 

No Results​

empty wallet

Given the problems listed above with OutboundEngine, is it any wonder that people aren't getting good results? If the email marketing isn't personal and relevant, you aren't going to get the results you need.

Is it any wonder that they are locking people into contracts? They aren't delivering and they have to do it that way.

It's just sad. I wonder how much they have to fight the credit card chargebacks. No thanks!

​I take a different approach with Mr. Leads Concierge. I help you develop YOUR message that goes out at the right time to YOUR audience. I work with you to track the results and see how YOUR business will improve. 

If the results aren't happening, you can and should depart. I would rather we leave as friends than to lock you into something you don't want to do. But, I'm confident enough to deliver and not have to worry about it.​

If you are ready to take your email marketing to the next level, click here and let's get started.