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How To Create A Return Path For Even More Sales

This blog series is a summary of the Double Your Sales video series by Ryan Deiss. This post is a summary of video #6: Create A Return Path. You can watch the original video in its entirety for free by clicking here.

These posts go in order. I highly recommend that you read post #1, The Formula before continuing with this post.

Note: In the series, Ryan mentions Infusionsoft as the tool of choice to execute this plan. While Infusionsoft is a great product, this entire system also can be done in Active Campaign for a much lower price and easier setup process.

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A return path can be many things. A second offer, an email sequence, retargeting on Facebook and Google.

However, in this post, we are going to focus on using email marketing to create the return path.

When leads first come into your marketing system and they aren’t familiar with what you do, you should send them an “indoctrination” series. This series will turn strangers into friends.

During this indoctrination series, you tell the subscriber what to expect. In message #1, introduce yourself. If you want to make it more personal, tell them about your family or your story about why you do what you do.

For message #2 and message #3, send them your best content. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old. Impress them!

If you don’t have enough of your own content, go find quality content online and share that content.

This takes a lot of pressure off of you to get content out there.

By sending great content, you become an authority.

There are 3 Types of Email Series That You Should Send To Your List: Segmentation, Engagement, And Ascension

To be really good at making money with email marketing, you need to use 3 different types of email series: segmentation, engagement and ascension. Having an email marketing provider like Active Campaign that allows you to easily segment your list is critical if you want to do this correctly and make the most money.

You should also have a good tool for building landing pages, lead magnet delivery, and immediate upsells. I recommend Clickfunnels for this because it’s easy to learn and use.

The Segmentation Series

You start everyone on a segmentation series. A segmentation series is your general list. You are sharing content to see what people are interested in. You are getting them to your lead magnets. Make the people on your list opt in a second time to get additional lead magnets from you. By doing this you are “reconsumating the relationship.” It’s much like married people going on a date night.

The Engagement Series

By using multiple lead magnets, your prospect tells you what they are interested in learning more about. Now, you can create interest based follow up emails that are only about that one topic.

For example, if you are a golf instructor and your lead magnet is about putting, the follow ups can be about putting specifically. You know they will get opened and engaged with because your prospect opted in to that topic.

Spend the next 3-5 emails trying to sell them an introductory tripwire related to that topic. You tripwire offer should be an impulse product that costs less than $20. If you don’t have a product, see if you can sell someone else’s product as an affiliate. It can be simple as finding a book on Amazon and recommending it as an affiliate. Clickbank is a also great place to find ebooks to promote if you don’t have your own product.



What To Say In The Engagement Series

Gain, logic, fear are the 3 reasons that people buy.

Immediately after the lead magnet is downloaded, send an email about what the prospect will gain by purchasing the product that you are promoting. Talk about the desired end result that they will achieve when they make the purchase of the tripwire product.

For email #2, talk logically about why the tripwire is a good investment for their business.

Say something like “Call me crazy but…” in your subject line and then give logical reasons why the tripwire product is a good investment.

For email #3, discuss scarcity and use fear of loss.

Use REAL scarcity not fake scarcity.

Do you want it or not?

We are naturally procrastinators and we are trying to eliminate that. People get decision fatigue

60-70% of your sales will happen on email #3.

What if there’s no scarcity?

If there’s no scarcity, use a subject line like “This is it, I’m done talking to you about this!”

When you ask someone if they want it or not, they will get off the fence and suddenly make a decision.

You might think that these strategies only work for online sellers.

However, the gain, logic and fear technique can be used brick and mortar businesses as well.


Rich, a shoe store owner in Arizona, used this technique to drive traffic to his store. He turned $200 days into $4000 days during his offseason!

Another type of engagement campaign is an “Are you still?” campaign.

They just send the same email over and over saying “Are you still doing __________”

For example, company that sells a stop nail biting product sends and email that says “Are you still biting your nails?”

They keep sending the same message every couple of days over and over and over until people finally give up and buy the product!

It totally works!

You can be much more subtle and you should be.

Lending Club, an online lender, does the same thing. They send out an email to people that haven’t finished their application that says “We need more information. It’s easy!”

A golf product can do the same thing….”Are you still hitting 3 putts yet?”

Dentist example…”Have you whitened your teeth yet?”

Nobody likes to feel stuck. It’s your job to fix their problem!

To really amplify your results, you can create a campaign stack. A campaign stack is a combination of the 3 part email with the are you still campaign.

Here’s an example of an engagement series in action. Change it based on what works best for your industry.


The Ascension Series

Once the initial purchase has been made, you want to try up upsell or cross sell the buyer by using an ascension series.

This can be your own products or other people’s products as an affiliate.

Since the cost of acquisition has been incurred, it’s all profit.

As an example, you can say: “You recently bought….xxx…you might be interested in xxx”

Tell them what to buy next and why it’s important.

What Happens If Your Prospect Does Not Make The Purchase

What if you try to get them to buy and it doesn’t work out?

If they don’t buy, you put them back into the segmentation bucket. This is your general email list that goes out to everyone.

Next Steps

  1. Order Invisible Selling Machine by Ryan Deiss. It covers many of these same topics in detail. It also has email samples that were covered in this training (and a few more)
  2. Order Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson. It’s a FREE book about email marketing and marketing funnels.
  3. Sign up for a 14 day demo of Active Campaign, the software that I recommend for email marketing
  4. Sign up for a free trial of Clickfunnels, an easy to use landing page software tool for putting these ideas into action
  5. Sign up for a free webinar about online copywriting


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