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Why Other Agencies Turn To Me For Active Campaign Services


These past few weeks have been quite a ride for me. I’ve only been involved with Active Campaign about a month. Within that short amount of time, I’ve already gotten inquiries and done work for other agencies. My Active Campaign skill level is easily in the top 5% of users.

Mind you, this is not because I’m naturally gifted at Active Campaign. This is because I have 10 years of experience with other email marketing platforms. The past 3 specifically, I’ve been teaching and consulting extensively on Constant Contact.

This is kind of like when a trumpet player decides to learn to play the tuba. He’s going to pick it up much quicker than the guy who is coming off the street with no musical background at all.

Doing my consulting for other agencies really just happened by accident. I put up an offer on a mastermind group that I belong to and the phone started ringing. Some wanted me to teach them a few things and others wanted me to run the whole account for them. Either way, am always happy to help them, while providing for my family. Win-win all around.

One agency owner told me that he learned more from me in a 30 minute phone call than he had in over 2 months of reading the help files. I totally appreciated the compliment!

What’s the real reason though? These guys are technically skilled, and they could certainly learn Active Campaign if they wanted to. These are designers and developers and are comfortable on computers.

When I started asking about the reasons for hiring me, it always came down to the same theme….”time is money.”

Sure, they COULD go learn it, but that time is much better spent getting better at what they do and serving their clients.

I’m the same way. There are a lot of web design tasks that I simply don’t have the time to learn. I’m happy to hire an expert and get it done.

So, I ask you…..what’s your time worth? Every second you are trying to DIY an email marketing platform is a second you are taking away from the core skills of your business. There are only 24 hours in the day.

How many of those are you going to be using building your business and how many are going to be spent learning something outside of your core focus?

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