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Your business is like a garden

Your Business Is Like A Garden

I've come to a realization. Your business is like a garden.

Gardens need to be tended to, watered, loved.

Your business needs love too.

Sometimes you will plant in a bad place and nothing grows no matter how hard you try.

Other times, things will seem to grow effortlessly.

In most cases though, gardening works best when you pull the weeds, water the soil and care for it.

Business is the same way. 

Watering in business is your prospecting and lead generation activities.​

The weeds are your negative thoughts.

Those need to be pulled immediately.​

Sometimes in business, you just have a bad deal. You need to start over.

Kind of like planting seedlings in an area that doesn't have good soil.

Sometimes, you business model just sucks.

Like having the wrong kind of plants for that kind of soil.

Here's where it gets interesting though...

A good entrepreneur has faith that something will grow in the business eventually.

Just like a gardener has the faith that the plants will come eventually.

The seedlings that are popping up are signs that the plants are on the way.

Your appointments and sign ups to your email list are signs the sales are on the way.

The problem is, in business we sometimes don't celebrate those seedlings.

We just look for the "plants", or in other words the sales.

Even worse, others in our lives don't understand that the seedlings are signs that things are coming. They just look for the "plants"​.

Just have faith that they are coming.​ Keep on tending. It's on the way!